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Siargao Masaya  —  



In addition to his sponsorship and micro-credit program, Siargao Masaya multiplies actions with local communities. These actions all aim to increase access to schooling and education, to support the populations of Siargao towards financial autonomy and to make them aware of the need to preserve the environment.

Free preschool

The alternative extracurricular school was created in 2010 to allow young children to prepare for compulsory schooling.


Children between the ages of 2 and 5 receive classes in English and Surigaonun (the local dialect), they learn the alphabet, to count, to distinguish colors, all in a playful and instructive setting to build the bases of their future schooling. 


Topics related to hygiene and the environment are also addressed by their teachers to give them useful tools for the everyday life.  Children learn while having fun, singing and dancing!


In its first year, the project was funded by donations from private donors. This allowed 12 children to be welcomed at the extracurricular school between 2010 and 2012. 


In 2012, Valais Solidaire, a federation of cooperating Valais NGOs, financed the construction of a small building, thus providing premises for the school. Since then, the extra-curricular school welcomes around 20 children four mornings a week. They learn alongside two local teachers employed by the association.


Through this project, parents can work while leaving their children in a supervised and secure place. Other children in the household can go to school and are no longer responsible for looking after the little ones.

The creation of a local and solidarity market

With Karajawan sa Siargao, the association participated in the creation of a market that brings together each month local artisans and producers. 

With the support municipality members and various local players, the market exclusively offers products made or sourced from Siargao. The students ‘parents of the association participate in the market where they sell fish, vegetables or souvenirs made from natural or recycled materials. 


An initiative directly linked to the activities supported by Siargao Masaya, which promotes crafts and local producers while creating an entertaining event for the population of General Luna.

Awareness workshops

In partnership with the NGO Sea Movement, the association has set up awareness workshops to safeguard the environment with its students.


Around art and music, Meg Murray, a member of Sea Movement, discusses environmental issues with children. Discussion groups and video presentations allow them to learn to distinguish between different types of waste (biodegradable or not), to sort out and to be aware of the potential dangers of pollution.


Students are presented with simple and sustainable solutions to avoid pollution and increasing daily waste.

A support program for mothers

Still in collaboration with the NGO Sea Movement, Siargao Masaya develops artisanal workshops with the mothers of General Luna. 


As part of its workshops, women's groups learn how to make bags from recycled materials such as linen, bags of rice and so on, with the help of a professional trained in craft techniques. 


A great initiative for women in the town to train in sewing, a potential source of additional income for their families.

Distribution of clothing and food for children

In partnership with Nature Kids, the association participates in the organization of clothing and food distributions for the poorest children of Siargao.  


Nature Kids is an association committed to programs related to education and the environment. Siargao Masaya has chosen to support the initiatives of the association by accompanying it with his minibus for its distributions in the remote villages of General Luna.

Creating job opportunities for families in distress

With the help of the Nature Kids association, Siargao Masaya managed to support a father and his four children towards the path of independence. 


Biboy, the father of a student sponsored by the association, found himself suffering from a serious illness. Alone and without income, he was suddenly unable to care for his four children. Siargao Masaya and Nature Kids joined forces to support this family. While Siargao Masaya is sponsoring the child for school, Nature Kids has supported Biboy in creating a business: making recycled pillows.

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