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Mobile Library Santa Fe and volunteering

During the month of February we were lucky to have 2 volunteers from Switzerland. We asked them to write a report about their experience during our mobile library in Santa Fe, here it is:

Saturday 17 February 2018 We headed to the village of Santa-Fe with the pretty little yellow bus: the mobile library. 5 children waiting on site and 15 others have joined little by little. We started by reading them stories ans the roles were reversed. The shyness flew away to give way to bursts of laughter and friendship. Followed by coloring and game of memory and building. Stéphanie took the children by small group to educate them about the ecology but especially do not to throw their waste in the nature. The mission of the mobile Library ended with a collective snack. The day was rich in sharing and emotion.

Written by Nadia et Elodie.

We would like to thank Elo Grivet and Nadia Sudan for their commitment to our association, their good mood (always happy and smiling) and their enthusiasm

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