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Shop for Siargao

The first Shop for Siargao event is just around the corner—mark your calendars for June 29 and 30! Shop for Siargao is a pre-loved clothing and accessories market in which all proceeds from sales will be divided equally among five local charities: Grom Nation, Nature Kids of Siargao, Puppy Puddle, SEA Movement and Siargao Masaya. In addition to the clothing market, other vendors will sell their food, drink and wares—they too have pledged a portion of their sales to these five wonderful causes.

#ShopforSiargao is an effort to promote a more sustainable form of consumerism: instead of discarding old items let’s try to extend their lifespans!

As the saying goes: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” In line with being sustainable, the event will be a plastic-free shopping experience so bring your own shopping bags!

See you there!

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