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Siargao Masaya  —  




Thanks to the funding from the Michel Zufferey Foundation, we were able to buy a jeepnee (a local means of transportation that is similar to our own minibus) and set up a new project: THE LIBRARYJEEPNEY. This project allows Siargao Masaya to meet the isolated and deprived populations of Siargao in order to offer them access to culture, to raise their awareness of hygiene and health issues (medical care, family planning), and to inform them about environmental issues.

How does it work ?

Thanks to this itinerant bus, children can open up to the world through reading and cultural activities. In addition, this allows families to have a place to exchange and obtain valuable information about proper hygiene, contraception or medical care in general. Social workers can talk to these families, listen to them and provide them with advice, medicine, condoms, etc., for free.


In 2016, thanks to the foundation and many donations from individuals or associations, some forty books (in Tagalog and English) were sent to the island where there aren’t any bookstores.​


With the Libraryjeepnee, the association goes every week to meet the inhabitants of a different  village and offers children a time of reading, games and awareness of the environment. Fun activities are organized by the team and volunteers to create a moment of exchange and sharing around different themes.

How to help the Libraryjeepnee

You can help us develop and sustain this beautiful project by donating to the association! Your donations are invaluable for us to continue to bring new books to the villages, to the delight of the children.

The mobile library in a few numbers

Since the beginning of November 2017, the LibraryJeepnee goes every week to meet the inhabitants of remote villages. For the moment, Siargao Masaya is targeting about thirty villages.


From June 2018, the project will be economically self-sufficient thanks to the trips that the Libraryjeepnee will make (3 times a week) to transport tourists to the airport. The money collected will cover the daily expenses of the vehicle (maintenance and activity fees).

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