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Nature Kids is an association that supports children and their families in Siargao through various programs related to education and the environment. It aims to promote eco-kindness and create employment opportunities.

Sea Movement is an association that carries out projects of awareness and protection of the environment. It is committed to supporting sustainable development to maintain a clean and healthy environment that enhances the quality of life for present and future generations.

Karajawan SA Siargao

Karajawan SA Siargao is a community development project involving various local actors (municipalities, police, hotel owners, health personnel, surfers ...). Many local initiatives have emerged from this project, such as the creation of a local market or the creation of an association bringing together surf instructors from the island.

The association Idées'Elles was created in 2002 and is based in Martigny, Valais, Switzerland. Idées'Elles is active in Mali, where it finances health training projects, reservoirs of water and where it has created a microcredit fund today self-managed by the Malian NGO Prométhée. In the Philippines, Idées'Elles is active in a microcredit program on the island of Siargao, launched in 2014 in association with Siargao Masaya.


The aim of the association is above all to make community empowerment possible through programs whose beneficiaries are the main actors.

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