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Since its creation, Siargao Masaya has decided to set up a sponsorship program to enable children from the poorest families on the island to go to school. Thanks to the sponsorship, 198 students have been able to access the school benches since 2010.

Why sponsor a child ?

Sponsoring a child with Siargao Masaya allows you to lastingly support a young girl or boy from Siargao in their schooling.

In the Philippines, as the school is compulsory but comes with a fee, many parents sometimes unemployed, widowed, or with extremely low incomes, find themselves in great precariousness when it comes to financing the schooling of their child (ren) (s).


By choosing to sponsor a child, you support families in need and give a young Filipino ( girl or boy) the opportunity to go to school or university. 

Who benefit from the sponsorship ?

In order to allow children who need it most to be sponsored, Siargao Masaya relies on various selection criteria:


 • Degree of poverty of the child's family 

• Family status (widowed parent, single mother, large family, unemployed parents, etc.) 

• Attendance level of the student when he / she is already in school (notes and attendance) 


A sponsored child is followed by the association during his full schooling. He must nonetheless show diligence and motivation throughout his career.

How are the donation from the sponsorship used?

By sponsoring a child, you participate in the various expenses related to his schooling:  


• School registration fee 

• Equipment needed: notebooks, pencils, pens, books, school bag, two uniforms (shorts and t-shirt for boys, skirt and t-shirt for girls), shoes 

• Costs related to projects to be carried out during studies


In order to empower parents and encourage their involvement in the schooling of their child (ren), Siargao Masaya has chosen to involve them in tuition fee up to about 30%. 


The amount financed by the association is not paid directly to the families. To ensure the relevance of their use, donations are entirely managed by Siargao Masaya. When you sponsor a child, the association is responsible for paying tuition fees and purchasing the necessary materials.


Once all fees have been paid, there may still be a small amount of money available. It is then used to finance extra-curricular activities (scouts, guitar lessons, etc.).

How to sponsor a child with Siargao Masaya

To sponsor a child, simply make a donation to the association Siargao Masaya corresponding to the amount of a school year. You have of course the possibility of sponsoring several children.


The cost of schooling varies according to the level of education of the child. We have therefore defined a global budget for one year of study taking into account all the associated costs.


  •  One year at elementary school (from 7 to 12 years old): 50 CHF / 44 € * (2,500 Filipino pesos)

  •  One year in high school (from 12 to 16 years old: 100 CHF / 87 € * (4 000 Filipino pesos) 

  • One year in Senior High (from 16 to 18 years old): 150 CHF / 130 € * (8,000 Filipino pesos)

  •  One year at vocational school (from 18 years old): 600 CHF / 518 € *

* For the sake of simplicity, prices in euros have been rounded.


You have the option of choosing the age range of the child (ren) you wish to sponsor. To do this, simply specify it at the time of your donation. However, in order to avoid any form of discrimination, Siargao Masaya reserves the right to choose the child you will sponsor.

Is it possible to follow the schooling of the sponsored child?

Once selected, the child beneficiary of your sponsorship is presented to you by e-mail.


Subsequently, to enable you to follow the schooling of the child, we will send you an e-mail about twice a year with news of his schooling!


Many sponsors wish to sponsor a child throughout their schooling. That's why at the end of every school year, we will send you an e-mail to allow you to renew your sponsorship for the following year.

Sponsorship in a few numbers:

When we started with the sponsorship program in 2010, we only followed 18 students. In 2017, 198 students were sponsored! 65 students were able to attend primary school, 65 students in secondary school, 36 students at post-secondary level and 32 students at university. A great success for Siargao Masaya!


Since the association started, 27 of our students have graduated from the university. They currently practice various professions such as managers, teachers, civil servants, security agents, mechanics, etc.

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