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A first-hand success story of Edward G. Fiel Jr.

We are very happy to share this first-hand success story of a proud graduate named Edward G. Fiel Jr.

“ Hi everyone, I’m Edward G. Fiel Jr., a proud student of Siargao Masaya. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology last August 2022 and passed the final examination on March 2023. My degree is a program that equips students with knowledge and skills used in the detection, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases. Now that the final challenge in my course is over, I intend to help and give back with what I can to those in need here in Siargao. I also plan to study Medicine to further enhance my capabilities to serve and care for my fellow Siargaonons. I succeeded in my studies with the heartfelt and generous support of Siargao Masaya. Words cannot describe how grateful I am with the help that I received throughout my journey. I could not have done it without them. I pray and hope that God will bless Siargao Masaya always, to ensure help for future success of other students here in Siargao. “

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