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College graduation 2018

Don’t just aspire to make a living but aspire to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

-Denzel Washington-

Today marks an important day in our college students lives – yet, it is a beginning of a journey.

Marching this day are our 8 students from dapa, finishing from courses B.S in Elementary and Secondary Education, B.S in Criminology and B.S in Office Administration and also 8 students from Surigao, finishing from B.S in Electrical Engineering and B.S in Agriculture and Environment - an important achievement in itself to which we congratulate all our dear students. It is not easy to get to this point -they “sweat blood” as goes the saying say. But all are worth it as today their hard work paid off - THE DAY THEY RECEIVE THEIR DIPLOMAS.

We in Siargao Masaya would like to send a message of truth and encouragement to our graduates:

The things you do – passion, commitment, tenacity, open minds to learn – are all very important will be important throughout your lives. Nurture them. They will be even more important than what you have learned at school.

The world you inherit is beset with great challenges. Change is upon us – if we want it or not. Yet – you have the greatest opportunity in generations: to be the architects and builders of a new world. You belong to a small group who have been equipped to take such a daunting a role. You may exercise it wherever you stand – but it goes beyond having a job in a company or any other organization – it means you are engaging in society. You will not just be a cog in a big machine (as many of old generation were) but you will be a node in a vibrant network of engaged individuals.

YOU WILL HAVE A PURPOSE like no generations before you. Now that you are stepping outside school life and entering the real world. Don’t just follow the rules, make it! Define the odds and make a difference. Live a fulfilling lives in this new emerging world, know yourselves and be ready to reinvent yourselves throught your lives and most importantly, do what you love the most.

We wish you the best for your lives – embrace the challenges and get ahead of the change. Find your purpose and take your share in shaping of the new world - a mindful world does not appear by any natural law but it is created by connected thoughts and actions of myriads of individuals who are beset by the passion of making the world a better place for all.

Become creators of the future. You can do it and our best wishes are with you.

And also we give gratitude to all the teachers and parents who were a huge support system to our students.

A huge thank you to Stephanie for creating such amazing foundation and to all our sponsors who helped these students from the beginning.


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