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Construction materials Updates 🚨

Thanks to your donations, Siargao Masaya decided to help Daku island which is an island just in front of General Luna. We concentrated our work on this area because it’s more difficult to have access to this place⛵️Also, almost all the houses over there were destroyed. That’s why we helped with construction materials.

In total, we helped 68 household 🏠 on Daku island by giving them 300 corrugated sheets to rebuild roofs and 300 plywoods to rebuild walls. We also gave them 50 kg of common nails.

Furthermore, we decided to help the same way the families of our students 📚 as they are already part of the poorest people on the island. 40 families of our students with the most damaged houses got our help with 400 pieces of each construction material (corrugated sheets & plywood).

All this operation cost us 600’000 pesos which represents almost 11’000 CHF. This was a big challenge 💪🏽 for us to be able to manage and organise that much quantites of material. Luckily, many people on site mobilized 🙏🏼 We are really grateful for their help ! Thank you very very much ✨

Let’s keep going together ! Slowly but surely, we will rebuild this island that we love so much 🤍

Please if you find it in your means, feel free to give what you can ! Your generosity still means so much for Siargao and its inhabitants 🙌🏽

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