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Daku Island - From coconut trees to frames

Dernière mise à jour : 31 janv. 2022

During this month of January, Siargao Masaya hired four men to cut coconut trees 🌴 that fell because of the typhoon. As most of the houses are destroyed, wood is necessary to rebuild the frames 🪚🔨

During almost 3 weeks on Daku Island, this team worked hard to provide wood 🪵 by using chainsaws. At the end, we were able to help 80 households to rebuild their houses. This job was really necessary knowing that until now, people were all sleeping together in one room of their house. They had to do that because they didn’t have proper roofs anymore so the rain was dropping in.

For this job we paid the whole team 110’000 pesos which represents almost 2'000 CHF. Therefore each of them earned about 500 CHF for their work. For information, there on the island, a qualified carpenter normally earns 800 pesos a day (15 CHF). As we want to encourage the thankfulness of their job, we agreed to pay each of them 1500 pesos per day (25 CHF) as the team asked. We are really happy to be able to give job opportunities to people especially in this difficult time 🙏🏼

Once more, thank you to all of you who donated and who continue to support this island ✨

Siargao still needs our help ! So let’s continue to spread this wave of solidarity 🙏🏼🤍

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