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Education Campaign About Littering and Plastic Pollution

We start an Information Education Campaign about littering and plastic pollution. We did a series of short movies in order for the kids to dentify with the characters and to better understand the issues related to waste and harmful consequences of bad behaviors.

Under SEA Movement's Plastic Police program, this Anti-Littering campaign with Siargao Masaya aims to educate the younger generation about the effects of plastic especially when not properly disposed.

Siargao Island, like most places in the Philippines, littering culture is still prevalent but something that can be modified if we can do more IECs to children while they are still young.

Shoot and edited by with the help of Pablo Carretero, Pablo Kiang, Leah Marie Diaz, Jolan Saavedra, Susan Lorregas; thank you to all of them and to the talented actors and to the swiss ambassy who financed this campaign.

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