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Learning To Play Djembe!

Kuya Chris teaching kids in Brgy Union how to play djembe drum. 😊

He's also doing island hopping tours which part of their profit is donated to @puppypuddlesiargao and Siargao Masaya. In their last 2 tours they donated 1000 pesos. Thank you so much to our family @one_love_boat_siargao for your donation to Siargao Masaya.

Join them every Tuesday and Friday with their amazing conscious island trip for a cause called ONE LOVE BOAT SIARGAO which goes to Corregidor and Naked island.

Includes: -Tribal drumming jam at the boat to the island -Lunch -Drinks -Hiking -Tree planting meditation

Win prices like -free tattoo -free body massage -free surfboard rental -Free food drink at habhab -free wakeboarding..

And you also help give back to the island because once you join you donate Php100 per person to Siargao masaya who help children in Siargao go to school through their scholarship program and mobile library and puppy puddle siargao those who save street dogs and cats ...🐾✨🤙💚💛♥️👌🏝 PHP 1800 pax

Meet them at the port at 10am beside fish market...

WhatsApp Chris at +639293423311 or globe +639159814511 ♥️💛💚👌🐾✨🤙

One love Good vibes everyday...

Thank you Thank you Thank you

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