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New project to help local kids - Typhoon Odette

Here some news of another project where your donations went through ❕

We did a partnership with @naturekidsofsiargao which is an association that is active in Siargao and supports kids to ensure their basic needs (food, shelter & clothes) so they can attend school and learn how to take care of nature🌴

After Typhoon Odette, Nature Kids decided to create a Community Kitchen 🍽 which is a project to food relief specially targeting children in Burgos, a little village in the North of Siargao.

Nature Kids cooks 3 times per week, feeding in total 300 children between 2-15 years old every week. The kids have the opportunity to sit down 🪑 in a sheltered and specially designed eating area located in a garden 🌸 separated from the chaos and destructions that has become our children’s everyday view. The target is to run it for minimum 3 months. Also, this project creates each month a job for 5-6 women from the local community 💪🏻

To run this project, Siargao Masaya gave 90’000 pesos which represents around 1600 CHF !

As we are all working together 🙌🏻 for the same cause, other NGOs like @baybayinlibrary_generalluna and Adhika foundation also participate to this beautiful wave of solidarity 🌊

In this difficult time, we are really happy to support more kids who are the population to whom the activity of Siargao Masaya is designed for.

We would like to thank all of our donors who make that possible 🤍

If you didn’t help yet, we would like you to know that there is still time to give and that every gesture is a big help for everyone over there 🙏🏼

Please let’s continue supporting this beautiful island that we call home 🏝

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