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Second batch of materials update 🙌🏽

First of all, thank you so much for all the donations you guys gave to Siargao Masaya. 🙏🏽 All of this wouldn’t be possible without you!

For the first batch of materials, we helped around 40 families from our sponsored students, 📚who are some of the poorest people on the island. Most of their houses were completely damaged, so we helped them with 400 pieces of each construction materials, which means corrugated sheets and plywood.

So now, for the 2nd batch, we bought 700 pieces of plywood and 700 tin roofs. 💪🏽

A total of 560,000 pesos was donated for this batch of material, which represents 10,000 CHF. 💰 This is enormous, thank you again so much for your generosity. <3

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy to deliver the materials. After a lot of delay and problems due to transportation issues, all the materials finally arrived on February 23.

The day after, on the 24th of February, we were able to give all the material to 134 families. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Most of them have been able to repair an important part of their houses but unfortunately not all of them.

Let’s keep helping them so they can finish rebuilding their homes.🏡

For the next step, Siargao Masaya will be focusing on the livelihood.📍

Furthermore, the community will harvest this week and we will receive the rice machine the week after. 🍚

Let’s keep helping this beautiful community and spread this wave of solidarity by showing them our support. They all deserve it so much. <3

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRECIOUS HELP! This means so so much to them! 💫


To keep helping Siargao Masaya’s projects, please donate here :



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